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Garancy Access Intelligence Manager

delivers meaningful, ready-to-use standard analyses and also supports ad-hoc reports that can be flexibly generated via drag & drop according to customer-specific criteria.

Reports are generated in Excel format, i.e., users do not require any tech know-how to gain individual access management insights.

Detailed lists and aggregation of key figures allow users to answer questions such as:

  • How many accounts does a specific user have per group system?
  • How many direct or distinctive groups were assigned to the user?
  • What risks result from combining permissible authorizations?
  • Does the risk increase by jointly assigning different roles to a single user?
Semantic interface (excerpt) with respect to the data model
Semantic interface (excerpt) with respect to the data model

Application Features

  • Reports via drag & drop
  • Semantic interface with extensive filter functions
  • Displayed in Excel
  • Rapid, low-cost implementation of audit requirements
  • Immediately visualize the current risk status


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Beta Systems IAM Software AG is Europe’s largest independent provider of enterprise identity and access management (IAM) solutions. For more than 30 years, Beta Systems has been supporting financial services, production, commerce and IT services companies by providing them with software products and IT solutions “Made in Germany”. The company’s solutions for access management are tailored to the needs of large multinational organizations and are compliant with regulatory requirements. Beta Systems IAM Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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