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Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of handling vast amounts of data generated by complex IT systems, as well as implementing and enforcing access control measures based on identity & access governance. At the same time, compliance requirements need to be adhered to, both in terms of providing data transparency and averting dangers and risks by putting optimized access management workflows into place.

Garancy Access Intelligence Manager is a powerful analysis tool for

  • monitoring a broad range of data sources
  • meeting all compliance provisions
  • preventing identity abuse or threats from insiders.

Garancy Access Intelligence Manager offers reliable answers to new IT challenges posed by legal compliance regulations. The solution brings transparency and security to business processes and allows them to be reviewed retroactively. The product does this by analyzing all business-relevant data sources and providing information in the shape of individualized drill-down and drill-through reports.


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Through 100 risks to four high-risk users.

Minimize your access risk!

Tight time windows and convoluted databases make it increasingly difficult for authorization administrators to identify and assess all risks. This is why Garancy Access Intelligence Manager automatically analyzes all access to data quickly, reliably and in a customizable manner.

Use Case High Risk User

With 20 trails on three critical resources.

Deepen your access knowledge!

Garancy Access Intelligence Manager captures all relevant details in the complex authorization structure distributed over a company's databases.

Use Case Access Path Analysis

In 30 minutes to five risk reports.

Get the necessary details!

Garancy Access Intelligence Manager delivers meaningful, ready-to-use standard analyses and also supports ad-hoc reports that can be flexibly generated via drag & drop according to customer-specific criteria.

Use Case Ad-hoc Reports

Application Features

  • Business reports incl. key performance indicators (as graphics or pivot tables)
  • Powerful BI data model for analyzing the data of all relevant IT systems
  • Familiar Windows look & feel in the web browser
  • Drag & drop plus numerous visualization options
  • Powerful drill-down and drill-through functions
  • Get solid answers to ad-hoc questions


Beta Systems IAM Software AG

Beta Systems IAM Software AG is Europe’s largest independent provider of enterprise identity and access management (IAM) solutions. For more than 30 years, Beta Systems has been supporting financial services, production, commerce and IT services companies by providing them with software products and IT solutions “Made in Germany”. The company’s solutions for access management are tailored to the needs of large multinational organizations and are compliant with regulatory requirements. Beta Systems IAM Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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